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Top Four Tips for Choosing New Window Coverings

Window coverings complete a room. A lot of times, window coverings are the last thing you think of when you’re moving into a new home or even updating a room, but window coverings are a very important aspect. Not only do they add an element of design in their own right, but they also provide privacy as well as keeping direct light out of a room. There are many design elements from blinds to roman shades, and each one offers a different style.
What’s The Function?

When you are shopping for your window coverings, you will probably have the purpose or function of the window treatment at top of mind. Is the purpose solely decorative? Do you have a greater need for your window coverings? Does the room get direct morning sun, or evening sun and you want to block that out? Are the windows facing the front of your home, and are you looking for privacy? These are important functions for your window coverings and knowing the required function will help you determine your needs.

Placement Matters

Some homes will have windows that aren’t necessarily conducive to window coverings. We suggest talking to your professionals to determine the best course of action when it comes to awkward spaces. In some instances, a particular window may not need to be covered. Our specialists can help you determine the needs of your windows.

Keep your Design Fluid

Being consistent with the type of blinds you use throughout your home will allow your home to have a more cohesive look. You are not going to want to change the style, type or even color of the window coverings throughout your home. Determining the type of covering you want to have and stick with that particular option for each room that requires coverings. This is going to allow your home to have a cohesive look.
Educate Yourself

Getting a good education on the types of window coverings available, and how they might look is a great way to start your search for new window coverings. Knowing the difference between faux wood blinds and roman shades will be beneficial to your search and will allow you to already have an idea of what you are looking for.

We have a team of experts who can help you in determining what window coverings are right for you. Midbay Flooring has two locations serving you in Niceville, Crestview, and surrounding areas. Our experienced staff is here to guide you through selecting the best flooring for your personal circumstances. We consider budget and style. We have a variety of flooring to choose from as well as a selection of quality window coverings. Give us a call today!

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