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Luxury vinyl is a big buzz word in the flooring industry these days – and for good reason! As a versatile flooring option, luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tile have been gaining popularity in recent years, that is because they are affordable alternatives to hardwood and natural stone tiles, that look very realistic and offer features that make them totally unique.

Luxury Vinyl is Pet Proof

It is not easy to come by flooring that can stand up to pet paws and potential accidents. Finding pet proof flooring in Niceville, FL gets a little easier when you entertain the idea of having luxury vinyl floors. Sure enough luxury vinyl is scratch resistant and waterproof/water resistant which means it can hold up under conditions where your furry family member may be rough housing or have a little accident. What does this mean for you, the homeowner? It means that luxury vinyl floors allow for the wear and tear that can come from our beloved pets and will last. You don’t have to worry if you didn’t notice an accident in your living room, your floors won’t be destroyed. This alone makes luxury vinyl flooring a very desirable solution.

Luxury Vinyl Floors are Beautiful

It may surprise you, but you don’t have to sacrifice style for function with luxury vinyl floors. Luxury vinyl comes in a wide range of patterns and styles. You will be able to find the perfect shade and grain for your desired wood look. Do you want a reclaimed wood look in your home? Not a problem with luxury vinyl floors. Your experienced flooring professionals here at Midbay Flooring in Niceville, FL can assist you in selecting the luxury vinyl floors that meet your design and budgetary specifications.

Affordable Flooring
That brings us to our next point. Luxury vinyl is affordable. We all love the look of wood floors. They are sleek and timeless, but they come with a high price tag as well. It is easy to achieve the look of hardwood with luxury vinyl floors at a fraction of the cost. Not only does that sound incredible, but it comes with added bonuses as well. Just as we discussed previously, luxury vinyl can hold up to traffic, pets and kids making it a great buy for most homes.

Midbay Flooring has two locations serving you in Niceville, Crestview, and surrounding areas. Our experienced staff is here to guide you through selecting the best flooring for your personal circumstances. We consider budget and style. We have a variety of flooring to choose from as well as a selection of quality window coverings. Give us a call today!
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